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Designed, developed, and delivered by local sustainability practitioners and social innovators worldwide.


Welcome to NLU

A content platform with curated learning material about sustainability and leadership that allows ground-level practitioners to inspire, help, and support global policy decision-makers and corporate strategy planners through innovative cases from the entire world.

What's in it for you?

Online Learning Experiences

The access to a unique and dynamic global training platform with innovative cases in the form of micro trainings (short videos + slides), periodic webinars, and tailor-made courses.

Experienced Practitioners

NLU’s instructors are on-the-ground practitioners with years of experience in their respective fields. NLU connects local actors who face sustainability-related challenges on a daily basis, actual “doers” and not mere so-called experts, with other leaders and global organisations.


NLU creates exclusive content through an online platform which encourages facilitators and trainers from the NELIS network to share their local expertise and experiences at a global level. Our learning experiences empower corporate organizations, intrapreneurs, and social entrepreneurs looking for sustainable business practices and transformative leadership skills.

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Who's behind NLU?

NLU is a flagship project of
NELIS: Next Leaders’ Initiative for Sustainability

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Learn from those who are facing their own challenges and develop practical skills to maximize your positive impact in the world through our NLU Micro Trainings.

And customize a course to your own requirements and needs:


Enabling a new way of learning about leadership & sustainability

Join NLU, an easy-to-access, grounded-in-reality, learning platform that helps guide a deep transformation for the learner.



Our core values go hand in hand with Sustainability and Leadership.


We believe knowledge should be widely distributed in order to create a better life for all.


Bridging the unlikely: local sustainability practitioners and global organisations.


Learning from real-life and on-the-ground experiences is the best way to develop our own practical sustainability skills.


By empowering the next generation of leaders we're opening the doors of sustainable innovation.


The support system we enable allows for continued mentorship and global networking.


Our initiatives seek to inspire future generations and ensure sustainable practices around the globe.

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Fast and reliable content delivery

Our platform allows the subscribers to view the micro trainings on the platform, participate in periodic webinars, and request tailor-made courses. Organisations can open several accounts for their collaborators, admins can invite additional members, view connections, and explore analytics based on course viewership.

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